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Wang's Introduces "Drag'on" Dim Sum Sunday Brunch

Welcome Girls

It was a delight to drop by Wang's on a Sunday for brunch. It is no secret Kevin and I are regulars there; we often have friends and relatives in tow. It is also not a secret that Wang's is one of our advertisers. But remember, we only welcome locally owned and/or operated businesses as advertisers at Coachella Valley News and we only have advertisers join us after we have tried their wares and believe they will give you what they advertise. In the case of Wang's, the staff has always served us a great meal. We have enjoyed wonderful drinks, and at times, pleasant entertainment to go with the signature fine service that is a trademark of Wang's in the Desert.

The new Drag'on Dim Sum Sunday Brunch mixes those elements for a great weekend experience with a twist.

It began today (Feb 2, 2014) and will continue on Sundays from 10am to 3pm. We dropped by after a trip to the Palm Springs Vintage Market, which also opened today. (You can read a separate story about that.)


Kevin and I arrived around noon and we met my best "sister" Gary there. (He is visiting from Seattle.) At the door was Manager Peter Van Winkel. We got a seat and began to eat and eat and eat. Like most Dim Sum brunches, the carts come around and you select what you want. The food is served and they mark your "card" and it is all added up at the end. You can also order drink specials. I was told the Bloody Marys were special. We tried a variety of items. I found the chicken skewers with peanut sauce a treat, as were the deviled eggs with wasabi and caviar. We also could no resist dessert. I took the liberty of taking a CVFunFoto before we grabbed our spoons and devoured both. All the photos are above.

While we were eating, the gong sounded and the entertainment started as Wang's own mysterious "Drag'on Ladies" came out to entertain in the dining room. We are used to the entertainment on the patio and quiet dinner inside. I enjoyed this change, and although it was a little loud, the volume was adjusted and all was well. This is a drag show that was very fun and will not be the same every week. I am told there will be different performers dropping by. Now, if drag is not your thing or you just want to talk instead of listen, reverse what you usually do and feel free to move to the patio for a more quiet atmosphere. Inside or out, by the bar or in the back corner booth, the fine food and service at Wang's will come to you with a smile. This is one local restaurant that deserves your dollars. Peter, the chef, and the staff will make sure you get your money's worth.

Many of you know I always recommend local restaurants, and this has been one of my favorites since I moved here a few years back. That will continue, with Sunday brunch added to my schedule from time to time. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself some Sunday soon.

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