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At Wang's in the Desert we use only the finest and freshest ingredients.
Our dinner service is family style and is meant to be shared. This ensures that everyone at your table has the chance to enjoy everything our menu has to offer. All selections are brought to your table the minute they are prepared.

Tom Yum Kai Soup in a Pot for Two 16
Thai spicy shrimp soup with kefir leaves, lemongrass, straw mushrooms, and white mushrooms.
TomYum Kai Kung in a Pot for Two 14
Thai spicy chicken soup with kefir leaves, lemongrass, straw mushrooms and white mushrooms.
Egg Drop Soup 7
In a Pot for Two 13
Water Chestnuts, Peas and Carrots
Chicken Wonton Soup 7
In a Pot for Two 13
Topped with Scallions
(This soup contains Seafood)
Hot and Sour Chicken Soup 7
In a Pot for Two 13
Tofu, Egg, Wood Ear Mushrooms and Bamboo Strips

Steamed Dim Sum Platter
Chicken and Shrimp Cabbage Rolls - Pork Dumplings - Chicken Pot Stickers
Sm (2 guests) 15~ M(4 guests) 22 ~ L(6 guests) 30 ~ XL(8 guests) 38
Combination Appetizer Platter
Half Spring Rolls, Mini Beef Skewers, Cream Cheese Wonton
Sm (2 guests) 15~ M(4 guests) 22 ~ L(6 guests) 28 ~ XL(8 guests) 34

Pan-Friend Chicken
Pot Stickers(5) 14
Sweet Soy Vinaigrette
Dipping Sauce.
Chicken Wonton Soup 7
In a Pot for Two 13
Cold Noodles Tossed in our
House-made Peanut Sauce.
Vietnamese Vegetable Wraps (2) 11
Fresh Raw Vegetables Wrapped in Rice
Paper with a Citrus Vinaigrette Side.
Beef Skewers (4) 15
Sliced Angus Beef Marinated in Our
Traditional House-made BBQ, Soy Sauce.
Red Dragon Wontons (5) 11
Filled with Cream Cheese and Served
with a Sweet Soy Dipping Sauce.
Steamed Pork Dumplings (5) 14
Sweet Soy Vinaigrette Dipping Sauce.
Crab Rangoon (5) 15
Deep-fried Wontons Filled with Cream
Cheese, Crab and Seasonings.
Served with a Sweet Soy Dipping Sauce.
Coconut Shrimp (5) 18
Large Shrimp Tossed in Sweet Coconut,
Deep-fried Golden Brown, Served with
a Sweet Asian Aioli Sauce.
Jalapeño Calamari (18)
Calamari Steam Medallions, Seasoned
with Garlic, Jalapeños, Scallions, Lemon
Juice, Salt and Pepper.
Salt and Pepper Tofu 13
Tofu Strips Wok-Fried, then Tossed
in Salt and Pepper. Served with a
Spicy Dipping Soy Sauce Vinaigrette.
Korean Spare Ribs (4) 16
Bite-Sized Pork Ribs Braised in a Soy
BBQ Sauce, Served on our Tangy Korean Cole Slaw.
Tempura Green Beans 12
Tempura fried green beans with sweet ginger soy.
Warm Edamame 10
Chinese Soy Beans, Wokked
in a Garlic, Soy Sauce.
Classic Chinese Spring Rolls
(2) for 6 or (6) for 16
Deep Fried and Filled with Fresh Vegetables.
Wang's Appetizer Sampler 18
2 Red dragon Wontons, 2 Crab Rangoon,
2 Coconut Shrimp.
Seared Sesami Ahi 18
Seared Ahi Rolled in Black and White Seeds.
Served with a Ponzu Sauce.
Cold Edamame 8
Chilled Chinese Soy Beans Tossed in Sea Salt.
Ahi Tuna Tartar with Avocado 20
Served with Wasabi, Ginger,
Crispy Wonton Strips.

Chinese Chicken Salad 18
Mixed Green and Red Cabbage with Sauteed Soy,
Ginger Chicken, Garnished with Wonton Crisps,
Mandarin Orange Segments and Cashews
Raspberry Side Salad 10
Mesclun Greens with a Raspberry Ginger Vinaigrette, Drizzled with a Balsamic Reduction and Garnished with Fresh Raspberries.
Larb Salad 18
Minced Chicken Breast, Mint Leaves, Coriander Leaves,
Lemongrass, Minced Thai Chili, Rice Powder, Red Onions
and Lime.
Chicken Peanut Salad 18
Crispy Chicken Breast,
Mixed Green lettuce in a Peanut Dressing.
Crunchy Asian Salad 18
Snow Peas, Bean Sprouts, Carrots, Peppers, Cilantro Leaves,
Mint, Green Onions, Peanuts and Marinated Asian
Seasoned Chicken.
Black Tofu Salad 16
Julienne Carrots, Julienne Red Peppers, Celery
Micro Herbs and Sesame Vinaigrette.
Seaweed Salad 13
Mixed Greens and Cucumbers Tossed wit a Gluten-free Soy, Rice Vinegar, Sesame Oil Vinaigrette.
Side Salad 8
Mixed Greens Tossed with a Sesame Ginger Dressing.

Beef Chow Fun 22~Chicken 20~Shrimp 24
Marinated Flank Steak with Rice Noodles, Onions, Scallions and Bean Sprouts Wokked in a Sweet Soy/Oyster Sauce.
Pad Thai 16 Chicken 19 ~ Shrimp 23
Chicken Breast, Rice Noodles, Scallions, Bean Sprouts
and Chopped Peanuts. Coriander and Lime in a Pad Thai Sauce.
Pad See Ew
Chicken19 - Tofu18 - Beef21 - Pork19 - Shrimp23
A Traditional Stir-Fry Dish in Laos and Thailand.
Wild Rice Noodles with Mixed Bell Peppers, Asparagus, Onions, Mushrooms, and Thai Basil. Stir-fried in a Spicy Oyster Sauce.
Chow Mein - Pan Fried Noodles
Combination 23 - Shrimp 22 - Pork 18 - Beef 20 - Chicken 18 - Vegetable 16
Chinese Noodles Topped wit h Cabbage, Scallions, Celery and Bean Sprouts. Wokked in a Chicken Stock White Sauce.
Lo Mein - Soft Noodles
Combination 22 - Shrimp 20 - Pork 18 - Beef 19 - Chicken 17 - Vegetable 14
Chinese Noodles Wokked with Julienned Vegetables in a Classic Soy, Garlic Brown Sauce.
Singapore Chicken with Rice Noodle 20
Chicken Breast, Yellow Curry, Sesame Oil, Ginger, Sherry Wine, Red and Yellow Peppers, Scallions, Bean Sprouts, BBQ Sauce, Soy Sauce and Oyster Sauce.

Orange Tofu 17
Fresh Orange Peels, Garlic and Ginger in a mild spicy honey sweet sauce.
Tempura Tofu 19
Tempura-fried Tofu, Asparagus, Bok Choy, Green Beans, White Mushrooms, with Spicy Aioli and Sweet Ginger Soy.
Tofu Stir Fry 16
Tofu Lightly Marinated in Minced Ginger.
Garlic, Fresno Peppers and Sesame Oil.
Wokked with Button Mushrooms and Spinach.
Kung Pao Tofu 18
Deep-fried Tofu with Roasted Peanuts
Sweet Peppers, Dried Chilies and Onions.
Wokked in a Carmelized Soy Sauce.

Szechuan Dry Braised Green Beans 10
with Spiced Brown Tofu in a Garlic Sauce.
Add Chicken 12
Vegetable Platter 14
Mixed Vegetables in Mushroom Sauce.
Steamed Vegetables 10
Steamed Broccoli 11
Wokked in fresh garlic and soy oyster sauce.
Steamed Chinese Baby Bok Choy 10
With Mushroom Sauce and Button Mushrooms
Add Shrimp 12

General Wang's Chicken 21
Chicken Breast Sliced and Battered, White Onions, Broccoli and Walnuts in a Wang's Spiced Sauce.
Lemon Chicken 22
Sliced Fried Chicken Breast, Topped with a Sweet Fresh Lemon Sauce.
Panko Crusted Sweet and Sour Filet of Chinese Perch 21
In a Spicy Thai Peanut Sweet and Sour Pineapple Sauce
Sesame Crusted Chicken 20
Sesame and Panko Crusted Deep-fried Chicken Breast, Served with a Pineapple, Sweet and Sour Sauce.
Mandarin Pork 22
Pork Loin Wokked in a Sweet and Sour Honey Sauce with Garlic, Ginger, Sweet Sambal and Green Scallions.
Lemon Pepper Shrimp 26
Lightly Battered and Fried Tiger Prawns Wokked in a Lemon Sauce. Serve on Baby Bok Choy.
Walnut Shrimp 26
Battered Shrimp, Quick-fried and Tossed in a Cream Mayonnaise Honey Mustard Sauce with Candied Walnuts.
Teriyaki Platter
Chicken 20 - Beef 22
Served with a Side of Chinese Cabbage and Straw Mushroom in a Garlic Sauce.
Orange Peel
Chicken 20 - Beef 23 - Shrimp 26
Fresh Orange Peels, Garlic and Ginger in a Mildly Spicy, Honey Sweet Sauce.
Sweet and Sour
Chicken 20 - Pork 20 - Shrimp 26
Lightly Battered and Wok-fried in a Tangy Sweet and Sour Sauce with Assorted Bell Peppers, Onions and Pineapple.

Wang's Treasure 38
Chicken Breast, Beef, Scallops, Shrimp and Mixed Vegetables Wokked in an Oyster/Soy Sauce.
(Recommended to be shared with 3 or More)
Beef and Shrimp Lover's Delight 30
Sliced Angus Beef Wokked in a Spicy Sauce, alongside Tiger Shrimp in a Mild Sauce.
Chef Chou's Crispy Chicken and Sweet Shrimp 30
Crispy Chicken, Garlic, Hot Pepper and Honey Sauce. Sweet Shrimp with Ginger, Garlic and a Sweet Tomato Sauce.
Chicken and Shrimp Duet 28
Chicken Breast and Shrimp Wokked in a Garlic Black Bean BBQ Sauce, Garnished with Baby Bok Choy.
Velvet Shrimp and Chicken 24
Snow Peas, Water Chestnuts, Scallions, Ginger and Garlic Wokked in a Traditional Chinese Chicken Stock
Spicy Chicken and Beef 22
Chicken Breast, Flank Steak with Celery Red Pepper with Szechuan Sauce.

Mongolian Beef 23
Sliced Flank Steak with Sweet White Onions and Scallions in a Mongolian Sauce.
Cashew Chicken 22
Dark Meat Chicken with Water Chestnuts, Button Mushrooms, and Garlic in a Slightly Sweet Brown Sauce.
Chicken Lettuce Wrap 19
Minced Chicken Breast, Water Chestnuts, Pine Nuts with a Plum Vinaigrette.
Filet of Basa 27
Basa, a Mild White Fish, Sauteed with a Cajun Spices, Fingerling Potatoes and Spinach, Served with a Sake Beurre Blanc.
Tempura Shrimp 26
Tempura-fried Shrimp, Asparagus White Mushrooms, Bok Choy, Green Beans, with Spicy Aioli and Sweet and Ginger Soy.
Koren Rib Eye 30
Pan-seared 8 oz. Rib Eye Steak, Seasoned with Soy, Ginger, Garlic and Sesame Oil. Served with Kimchee and Bokchoy
Garlic Chicken 20
Snow Peas Julienned Carrots and Celery in a Tangy, Garlic Sauce.
Beef and Broccoli 20
Sliced Flank Steak Stir-Fry in Broccoli. Served in a Savory Beef and Oyster Sauce.
Ponzu Salmon 28
Salmon, Baby Bok Choy, Shiitake Mushrooms in a Citrus Ponzu Sauce.
Twice Cooked Pork 22
Sliced Pork and Aged Tofu Wokked in a Spicy Hoisin Soy Sauce with Minced Garlic, Red Bell Peppers and Cabbage.
Mushroom and Asparagus Chicken - 22 Beef - 23
Button and straw Mushrooms, Asparagus Spears in Oyster Sauce.

Yellow Curry
Chicken 20 - Shrimp 26
Yellow Curry Sauce with Sweet Onions, Carrots and Peas.
Kung Pao Chicken 20
Beef 24 - Shrimp and Scallops 30
Stir-Fry with Roasted Peanuts, Sweet Bell Peppers, White Onions Dried Chilies and Caramelized Soy Sauce.
Black Pepper Chicken 20
Crispy Chicken Thighs in an Orange Reduction Sauce with a touch of Teriyaki Sauce.
Red Curry
Chicken 20 - Shrimp 24
Bell Pepper, Lemongrass, Straw Mushrooms, Carrots, Bamboo, Basil and Red Curry Sauce.
Siam Szechuan
Beef 25 ~ Chicken 19
Sliced Angus Beef, Celery, Green Onions, Carrots Wodded in a Szechuan Sauce
Green Curry
Chicken 20 - Shrimp 26
Mushrooms, Snow Peas, Straw Mushrooms in a Green Curry Sauce.
House Specialty Spicy Pork Chops 24
Jalapeños, Onions, Salt and Pepper Seasonings, Wokked in an Asian BBQ Glaze.
Gingered Beef 24
Angus Flank Steak Marinated in a Sesame Ginger Sauce, Served with Leeks and asparagus with Salt, Pepper and Garlic.
Hunan Beef 24
Sliced Angus with Mixed Vegetables in a Spicy Oyster Sauce.
Singapore Black Pepper Chicken 20
Chicken Breast, Green Beans, Mix Bell Peppers Ginger and Soy Oyster Sauce.
Panang Curry Chicken 20
Chicken Breast, Mixed Bell Peppers, Coriander Leaves Scallions, Panang Curry with a Touch of Peanut Butter
Fried Rice

Pork 14 - Beef 16 - Chicken 14 - Vegetable 11 - Combination 20 - Shrimp 18
White Rice Wok-fried with Soy Sauce, Egg, Scallions, Peas and Carrots.

Please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy. We add 18% Gratuity for parties of 6 or more Guest. A $2.00 per person Cake Serving fee and a $20.00 Corkage Fee for Guest who like to bring in their own Bottle of Wine.

WARNING: Drinking Distilled Spirits, Beer, Coolers, Wine, and Other Alcoholic Beverages May Increased cancer Risk, and During Pregnancy Can Cause Birth Defects.

Steamed White Rice Served with Entrees - Brown Rice Available on Request for $3.00

Side White Rice with Appetizers $3.00

Wang’s Dessert Menu
Chocolate Lava Cake A La Mode
Crispy Cheesecake Roll Drizzled with
Raspberry Sauce
Crispy Banana Wontons
Coconut Crème Brule
CrispyHot Carmel Empanadas
Green Tea Ice Cream
Mango Sorbet
Vanilla Ice Cream
Liqueur Dessert Menu
Coffee With Your Choice of Baileys, Frangelico, Jameson, Vodka, Kahlua, Amaretto, Cognac or Brandy

Chocolate Martini
Vanilla Vodka, Crème De Cocoa and Cream

Chocolate Mint Martini
Vodka, Crème De Cocoa, Crème De Menthe & Cream

Flying Grasshopper Martini
Vodka, Crème De Cocoa, Crème De Menthe and Cream

Alexander Martini
Gin, Crème De Cocoa

Brandy Alexander
Brandy Crème De Cocoa

White Russian

Black Russian